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About our founder.

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KHK has a long and proud history of producing quality products and providing our customers with fast, efficient service at very competitive prices.

K.H.K. Enterprises, Inc. was founded by Karl Heinz Krosta in 1989.  Prior to starting his own company Karl worked in production, training, and held several management positions with scientific research and development companies.  KHK was originally located on Belden Avenue in Addison, Illinois.  In addition to producing our specialty products- Aluminum Weighing Vessels - KHK also handled fabrication and manufacturing to provide a multitude of solutions for customers who required electronics, welding, and machining work.  The welding and machining businesses were sold some years ago and in 2005 we relocated to the Yorkville, Illinois area where we continue to specialize in Aluminum Weighing Vessels. These vessels are primarily used in the scientific and medical industries as measuring and weighing containers when material purity is a must.